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James "Jim" Neeter

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James "Jim" Neeter
Visit my Blog!

James "Jim" Neeter, Sensei started karate training in 1987, at age 14, with Paul Hart, Sensei and never stopped! He was one of only four students Paul Hart, Sensei taught in his lifetime the other three being Brian Jamison Cox, Brandon Thomas, and Tomikko Shino. Jim earned his Nidan second degree black from Paul Hart in 2006! Paul Hart also brought Jim into Karate Incorporated at that time and introduced him to Master Sensei Al Martin in Altamonte Springs, a suburb near Orlando, Florida. The meeting lasted just three hours and that was all it took, James fell in love with Al's Shorin Ryu just as his Sensei Paul Hart, had done when he first met Al in the year 2000. The meeting was followed by a nice meal and Yang Yang Chinese tea ceremony for celebration! Al Martin has stated many times since; that though he is not the direct instructor of James “Jim” Neeter he is proud of his accomplishments. James has permission to operate the only Karate Incorporated Dojo in the U.K. and they are close friends. Al Martin is deeply saddened by the tragic death of Jims' Instructor Paul Hart and Al's student and friend!

James"Jim" Neeter, Sensei invites evreyone to visit his blog at

More pictures of Jim training with us and with his Sensei Paul Hart and other really good things from Jim coming soon! 

2009 Update!
Jim has become really good friends with John Mayzack, Sensei and Tim Griffin, Sensei recently and they like to play and have fun on the internet together. Soon they are getting together to make an informational sparring video about Shorin Ryu Karate (Jim's Idea, he has such good idea's) it has not been decided if the video will be produced state side or in the U.K. (We are waiting on Jim to decide) but it will be for sale here!