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Our Founders and Professional Instructors


Our Instructors:

Are  World Renowned ! They Are Also Certified Black Belts. Fitness Certified And First Aid/CPR Certified Through The American Heart Association.

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We would like to introduce you to our Founder and our professional staff of instructors. Our Founder has 38 years of experience in the Martial Arts. You will find that we provide the highest qualified Instructors for your Martial Arts education. Please click on a link to learn a little about each member of our staff.

Karate Incorporated Instructors must continue to maintain a very high standard of physical excellence, as well as continuing education. Especially in regards to the science and psychology of teaching and training adults, children and seniors.

Very important when choosing a karate program is the experience, knowledge, expertise and personality of the instructors and personal trainers who are teaching you.

 Karate Incorporated instructors, personal trainers, and cardio instructors are certified CPR, and first aid providers through the American Heart Association. They are also certified through some of the leading fitness organizations such as IFPA, IDEA, ISSA, and ACE. They must also get certified and continue their education through the American Council of Safe Martial Arts (ACSMA)

Click on one of the Links below to learn more about each Instructor.


Terry Grant, Sensei
Matt Sommers, Sensei
Chris Kimsey, Sensei
Chris Lacey, Sensei
Tim Griffin, Sensei
Chris Barnes, Sensei
Brian Cox, Sensei